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On these pages you can read what I have found out about my family - and many other families in Heddal. The old name for Heddal was Hitterdal. 

The tree has over 8000 names, many of them from Heddal and Notodden. Click on the tree to go to the familytree. You can also click here. If you have some additional info or corrections about somebody or something, I will be happy to get an e-mail.

Also my husband 's family are in this material. The  database is not complete, but it will be updated now and then.  


Pictures and text about American relatives here


Information about the material: 
The most used sources in this familytree, are the churchbooks for the areas where our family came from. Those places are Heddal and Notodden, Hjartdal, Sauherad, Solum  and Seljord in Telemark. There is also much from Buskerud county - from Eiker, Kongsberg, Flesberg, Fiskum and Sandsvær. The material from Buskerud is connected to my grandfather (mother's father) Thorleif Frydenberg. All my other 3 grandparents came from Notodden and Heddal. Another important source is Hitterdalsboken by O.H. Holta. Also other "bygdebooks" from the places mentioned in the text, are useful sources. The censuses for 1782, 1801, 1865 and 1900, which are available on Digitalarkivet , is a very important source. The churchbooks are available as scanned churchbooks on Digitalarkivet. It's free to use them, and that's really a great possibilty.   

My Mother, Berit Synnøve Kaste, born Frydenberg, stands for most of the research from Buskerud.

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